Cordially welcome

Villa Vivendi is an enclave of more than a dozen apartments that was built by artists, artisans and individualists and has been completely remodeled and kept up-to-date by us, for you, our guests.
Delve into our world and let it become yours – no matter what time of the year, it is always the right time for a visit at Villa Vivendi.

Your hosts, the Fränznick (frensnik) family and all the staff at Villa Vivendi
Holiday-apartments always welcome you, your friends and family.

Villa Vivendi was built in the forties of last century as the family home by Monsieur Couteller. His son Yves – who is still famous under his nickname Younick to the older people of Vence – lived as a spiritual guardian in a neighboring house until his much-too-early passing in 2010. As a libertine and gourmet he knew about the best wines of the region or in which hidden forests to find local truffles. Unfortunately he took many culinary secrets with him, but fortunately his widow – our dear neighbor Marianne – still gives us many insights into the regional kitchen.
Many of our recipes are based on her knowledge.
30 years later the Coutellers sold the main house to André Iriart, at that time a famous art collector. He and his wife remodeled the house as a summer house for themselves and their friends. Those were the wild seventies and many parties were celebrated around the huge, still existing Obelix-table under the big oak tree. The table was named in memory of René Goscinny who died in 1977, the inventor of “Asterix and Obelix” comic strips who apparently was a good friend of the owners. Monsieur Iriart, being a famous art collector, always had an illustrious entourage of regional artists.
Those artists not only left various works of art, but were also actively involved in the remodeling of the house. From those days originate some of the little treasures that make Villa Vivendi so unique. We cared for them all these years and renovated them if necessary. The bathroom in the »Orange« apartment, the flooring in »Laurier« or the green tiled bathroom in »Citron« are witnesses of those days. There are many small »signs of the times« that are not so obvious but give the house its unique appearance and creative flair.
Since we acquired the house in the nineties, it has been a pleasure for us to foster and nurse the beautiful little details of the Villa in order to retain its hospitable and friendly character. We renovated with care utilizing quality modern fixtures, while maintaining the lovely uniqueness of the place. We wanted to leave our own footprint without wiping out the past. You will find the colors of sunrises and sun downs, the azure blue of the Mediterranean see, or the light pink of rosé wine. And we follow in the artistic footsteps of the former owners by banning the light of Provence on canvasses that adorn our apartments.

Of course we are dedicated to the regional, southern French way of life. Almost every week we open our little »Bistro« and celebrate Provençal cooking (most of the time). In hot summer evenings on the big terrace and on cooler evenings in our little »Bistro« with its open fireplace we often feast together.

Come and join us at our home, make it your home for 2 weeks or 12 months, what – or however you want it. You are always welcome.

Jochem & Cornelia Fränznick

No matter how the Villa Vivendi changes over the years – one thing stays forever – our unique situation on a gentle ridge right on the edge of the Cagne-Canyon. From here, unspoiled views to the Mediterranean Alps, into the depths of the Canyon, over to the Mediterranean Sea can be seen. On clear days you can see Corsica Island, the Esterel-mountain range and the medieval village of Vence with its dramatic sundowns just a ten minute drive away.
You’ll enjoy the proximity to the Cote d’Azur and the quietness of our secluded Villa. Vence is a lively, small French town which is fully functional all year long; it is not your typical tourist trap on the beach. Vence offers a tree-lined town square with many local small businesses, nice cafes and good restaurants in all price categories. From Vence you can be in St. Paul de Vence in 8 minutes and in only 20 minutes you are at the Nice airport or in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world in half an hour.